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The Pulaski Baptist Association provides limited access a 15 passenger Chevrolet van.

The van is available to “contributing” churches on a first-come-first-serve basis under the following guidelines:


• First priority will be given to association sponsored activities.

• Second priority will be given to churches wishing to use the van for mission activities.

• Churches may be granted access to the van for other church activities at the discretion of the DOM.


Submit your request to and you will be contacted via email regarding the availability and status of the van. If a van is available, final instructions will be given to confirm the reservation.

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions:

I understand that all drivers must possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license and be at least 25 years of age in order to operate the PBA van. I understand that the PBA and their insurance provider reserve the right to collect a driving history on all persons submitted as potential drivers. I also understand that the PBA and their insurance provider may decline driving privileges to any driver at anytime. I understand that the driver must immediately notify the PBA at 501.455.8506 if any damage or maintenance problems occur during use of the van. I understand that the PBA provides insurance coverage for the van. I understand I (or my church) will be responsible for the repair of all damage that occurs while in my (my church) possession. I also understand that this includes all minor damage up to the amount of the PBA insurance deductible. I understand that the PBA van may not be operated outside of the borders of the United States. I understand that PBA will not be responsible for damage to any towed trailers or vehicles attached to the PBA van. I also understand that PBA is not responsible for damage to other vehicles or persons resulting from a trailer or vehicle attached to a PBA van. I understand that I (my church) am responsible for returning the van with a full fuel tank. I understand that I (my church) will be required to clean the van, regardless of distance or length of use.

studio photography;automobiles;car;vechile;automative media;autos;izmocars;